I owe my son's life to this device

- Emma Cummings, United Kingdom

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Snuza HeroMD is the world's first portable, medically certified baby breathing monitor

Clinically proven to detect when a baby stops breathing

Monitors your baby's
breathing while they sleep

If no breathing is detected after 15 seconds
it gently vibrates to rouse your baby

If breathing is still not detected
an alarm will sound

According to the Lullaby Trust, around 216 babies and young children die every year from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the UK.

We don't always understand the reason for it but every year hundreds of newborns die unexpectedly. For parents, knowing when something might be wrong, and being able to intervene quickly is crucial. The chances of this happening can be drastically reduced by using a device like the Snuza HeroMD.

How to use your Snuza HeroMD

1 Unbox your device, turn it on and allow the self-test to complete on a hard flat surface. Once complete, adjust settings to suit your needs.
2 Clip onto your baby's diaper so that it sits squarely, ensuring a snug fit and that the Breathing Sensor is in contact with the tummy.
3 Every time it detects a breath, a light flashes green and you can set the audible tick mode so that you can 'hear' your baby's breathing motion.
4 Get a good night's sleep knowing your Snuza device will alert you if baby's breathing stops.

Emma's Story

"The Snuza HeroMD saved my 11-week old son's life last night. It went off at 11PM while we were sleeping. When we got to him we couldn't wake him and his breathing was barely there, we had to shake him fairly vigorously to get him to stir and his breathing then normalised. After being checked over by the doctor, he said if it wasn't for the Snuza device then the outcome would more than likely been tragic. I owe my sons life to this device! Amazing product that I would recommend to anyone!"

Why Parents Love Snuza

Lightweight and portable device. No wires, cords or complicated sensor pads

Made out of medical grade plastic and silicone. BPA, Phthalate, Lead
and Latex free

Gives you peace of mind to get a good rest while your baby sleeps.

Get the baby breathing monitor that medical professionals trust

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* Not available in USA or Australia